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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising — the most effective advertising technology that provides the sale of different goods and services online. Its basis - showing the ad in search results to a known search query.

How does contextual advertising work?

  • Drawn up an ad about a product or service offered by your company;
  • Announcement posted on the appropriate promotional venues;
  • Guaranteed receives information about you, your product and services on first page;
  • Consumer is appeals to you to become your customer.

Your ad runs in accordance with the agreed terms and terminated with the end of the payment.

Benefits of PPC advertising:

  • Payment. You pay for real transitions to your website.
  • Targeting. Allows you to create a very effective regional advertising campaigns.
  • Unobtrusive. Contextual advertising - unobtrusive.
  • Speed. With PPC advertising you can get on the first page of search results for queries in a single day, and the inclusion of links to your site will be guaranteed by the search engine itself.
  • Allows you to precisely measure ROI (coefficient of return on investment) during the monitoring campaign.
  • Expanded matching. The search engine will display ads on queries with synonyms, variants of an erroneous spelling of the word, related words.
  • Ability to independently establish the ad title, description of the site and the page where the user is redirected after the click. This is one of the strongest advantages of contextual advertising, as it is possible to establish the exact name and description of the goods, plus a link to the exact page where this product is sold.

We work with the most popular systems of contextual advertising:

  • Yandex.Direct
  • Begun
  • Google AdWords

Cost of service will depend on many factors:

  • competition in your business sector;
  • purpose of advertising campaigns;
  • selected location on the display page.

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