Website development

Online Advertising

Advertising on the Internet has a unique feature - it is interactive.

Our company offers a full range of services in the Internet advertising. We will make literate blurb about your product or service and create an attractive banner, place them on the advertising sites, and you will only get profit from increased sales.In addition to this benefit, we have still a number of advantages:

  • Our services are cheaper than in the commercial departments of advertising space (for example, Yandex);
  • We already have great experience in advertising campaigns;
  • We provide a knowledgeable selection of keywords and phrases for the placement of advertising and thoughtful text, forcing the user to click on the link;
  • We provide services in all advertising platforms (as opposed to Yandex and Begun, who offer their services only).

Types of Internet Advertising:

  • Banner Advertising
  • Contextual advertising
  • Geo Contextual advertising
  • E-mail
  • Advertising in newsletters
  • Spam
  • Pop (pop-up) windows and spyware
  • Registration in catalogs
  • Participate in ratings
  • and much more

We ask our customers, will be promoting the site. And on the available information makes the primary optimization. All content management system that we use, contain the necessary tools for search engine optimization.

We give recommendations on finalizing the text and structure of the site – how to properly locate sections, what should be the text to "lead" the visitor from the main page to the order form.

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