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Audit of site usability - a very important service that helps you realize how convenient and attractive to your target audience - your site. Goal the audit lies in the fact to make your site as simple as in use. Your customers need to understand intuitively how to quickly find the information they need on the site.

Site audit is conducted by professionals, the result is a detailed report.

In addition, usability testing site or design may include a site analysis of competitors, in order to identify the most and least successful solutions, to understand what sections or pages you want to add your site. This will greatly enhance your competitive edge, especially if your business operates in several equivalent companies.

If you want to know the cause of the financial "futility" of the resource and fix it, do not try to do it yourself. Methods such as the purchase of suspicious links or placement of articles in the catalog does not raise the unknowns of site positions in the ranking of search engines, by contrast, is a SEO optimization and site promotion can permanently ruin the reputation of a serious project.

You have the right to decide on their own, but the "diagnosis" loss must put specialists. Creation, site promotion, SEO optimization, website promotion on the Internet - our prerogative, we will conduct a detailed audit of your site by analyzing each of its components: the color of the brand to the technical reliability, and provide a detailed report.

Professional auditing sites include:

  • design audit
  • usability analysis
  • search site audit
  • website marketing audit
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