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Cooperation / Partnerships

Dear representatives of companies willing to cooperate with us!

In order to develop and expand trade, our company is interested in new business proposals to expand services Internet.

By increasing its own turnover, we strive to provide the final customer quality and affordable services. After careful and thorough study of the key terms of cooperation, when the criteria for partnership will seem to you and we promising and attractive, we'd love to see you among our partners. Working conditions are determined with each of our partners individually.

In the process of development of the company we have developed and been adopted by some simple criteria, which are still used in our work with a Partner. If you are interested to start cooperation with our organization, we ask you to pay attention to the following points, which usually take account of when assessing the prospects of working with new partners:

  • We value the quality of
  • We focus on products and services at reasonable prices
  • We demand a satisfactory payment terms and warranty

If you are interested in expanding geography, WEB.XFOR.TOP will be a wonderful opportunity to promote your products and services on the Internet.

We are always happy to consider any offers.

We hope that our cooperation will be beneficial to both parties.