Website development

Site Design / Redesign

Successful and competitive web design should be recognizable, unique and associative. A friendly atmosphere attract visitors. A quality website design inspires confidence in the minds of user inextricably linked with the merits of the brand itself. This - the key to successful promotion of the image and the company's products on the web.

Website design development begins with a brief. As an experienced analyst, the manager of our agency "will pull 'of you all the information about how you would like to see your site, and the impression he must make. In addition, the manager will consider all suggestions regarding color and style of your future site.

Then prepared a technical site template. It consists of a grid, which contains all the graphic elements of the site. Chosen style of the future site. All this will help you to navigate, to see how it will look your site. Already at this stage you can make your wishes into the design.

We work in the field of design and development of sites already a long time and know exactly how a particular site will be convenient format for the visitors. The location of certain elements is strongly dependent effectiveness of your site, so we in our work we use the principles of usability.

The final design of the site is in the format Adobe Photoshop.

If you do not have the need to develop a website from scratch and there is the need to adjust the design of the site, we will be glad to help you with this. Website design development is carried out in strict accordance with your wishes.

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