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Corporate Site / Business site

Corporate websites today - it's simple, and resources to solve marketing problems, which the company sets itself, and complex systems that interact with the company's internal systems: databases, customer management systems, calculation, etc.

Under the corporate site is understood an official representative of your company on the Internet.

Creating a corporate website starts with a detailed analysis of the company: The company's activities, its competitors, existing and potential customers. Results of the study are used in the development of technical specifications. This document describes all the requirements of the site. You can call it work on the concept of the site. Only when the concept of the site is ready to make sense to start working with the design of corporate website.

The advantages develop of a corporate website are obvious:

  • high level of recognition
  • positive impression with customers and partners
  • promotion of products and services to the Company on the Internet market
  • increase sales and revenue

If you want to:

  • to report about Company to the potential customers;
  • to tell customers about the range of products, updates, promotions company;
  • promote products and services of the Company;
  • to form a company's image as a modern and dynamic developing.

You need a corporate website!

Each stage of the project performs a single employee - an absolute specialist for the direction. Stages of development of the site:

  • Development of a unique design concept
  • Cutting of graphic layout site
  • Programming
  • Filling the site with information
  • The domain name registration site and adaptation hosting
  • Accommodation Site on the Internet
  • Setting
  • Testing your site
  • Delivery of the project

Example of structure corporate website:

  • Home
    • About
      • History
      • People
      • Jobs
    • Information
      • News
      • Publications
      • FAQ
    • Services
    • Customers & Partners
    • Contacts

Corporate site - the most common type of site on number of requests for its creation. The presence of a corporate site at any company - dire necessity in the modern world. Creating a corporate website is different from the goals and objectives that are put before him. It is important to understand that the site - this is the face of your company. Creating a corporate website - is to create a beautiful image of your company.

Your website will grow with you!

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