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Not all think about that site - it is not just a fashion. This is an effective business platform that will work for you, every day, bringing you new customers and constant profit.

The site - an important information resource for the professional approach can be a powerful marketing tool to accomplish the following tasks:

  • formation of individual company image;
  • advertise companies;
  • operational informing;
  • interactive relationship with business partners;
  • increase the competitiveness of companies.

Site development includes the following stages:

  • Planning
    At this stage, specify the requirements and business objectives of your company.
  • Designin
    Create the layout of all pages.
  • Cutting design layouts
    Design models converted into the form of html-pages, from which later "going" website.
  • Installation CMS
    Installing and configuring content management system that allows you to edit its own content and structure.
  • Programming
    In order to perform functions of the site, which assigned to it, creates the necessary software modules, and then integrated into structure.
  • Filling and testing
    At this stage, we place your text and graphics on this site.
  • Publication
    Once the site is ready, we transfer it to a hosting. If you do not have a hosting provider, we can help you find hosting and sign a contract with him for a public offering of the site.

Web site development, we include an extensive range of services. Site development - is the result of productive activities of programmers and designers of the project. Creating a site provides an opportunity to implement many ideas that would make it useful and enjoyable to visit.

Our work on the development site includes not only the creation of websites, but also provide hosting and technical support necessary to ensure a good job.

We seven years dedicated to designing, developing and maintaining websites.

Our studio as a developer, has everything necessary for successful implementation of the goals.

Thus, ordering our web sites, you get the most effective tools to attract the target audience to your website.

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