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How can I pay for the work?
Cash, wire transfer, webmoney, online money, payment by credit card.

What is the procedure for payment of work?
We are starting to work only if 50% or 100% advance payment (for larger projects are possible other options). The remaining amount is paid after delivery of the project or parts.

How much time do you create a Web site?
If you order a complete package of services, the site will be created from 1 week or more. And this is only possible provided that we do not have at this point other clients besides you.
You think that this long? Then pay attention to what you pay for the work (good work), but it's primarily the cost of time. And the higher the price, the more time we spend working on your project.

The site will be displayed on all computers in the same way?
You should see same everywhere, but it depends on the configuration and operating system specific computer. Initially, we make our sites compatible with the latest versions of browsers: Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer. Created sites can be opened on any operating system: Windows, MacOs, Linux, Unix.

Do you bet on a site counter?
Yes, we bet counters statistics system At your request, may be additionally installed any other accounting systems for site statistics.

What if the exclusive design of the site I do not like?
We are drawing one a design option in accordance with customer requirements, as specified in the contract. It goes in this matter not at once 100% guess what the customer wants to see. Under this you is the right to request, an average of 2-3 recycle design, but within those requirements that were specified in the contract.

What if there were errors on the site, you fix them?
If you suddenly have been identified errors in the site - we will fix them for free.

I want have right on my own site
You have every right to your website. We register the domain in your name and if necessary, will send archive site. This data sufficient that at any time move the domain to another hosting and upload there website without our participation.

Why can not I find your site on the Internet?
We ship the site for registration only if it is actually ready. Then you have to wait some time until the search engines "read" your website and will display it in the search. Usually in Google - 2-3 weeks your site will already be indexed. For other search engine Yandex, Ramler, Bing, Yahoo more time is needed - 1-2 months.

I want that the site was on the first page of search engine
Basic promotion, which is carried for your site do not guarantee that you'll be the in first position. It all depends on competition in the sector.
Position on the first page of search engines often require very large investments. In addition, there are many other ways that will attract to your website targeted visitors at a lower cost.