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Security audit of information - this is one of the best ways to achieve security of information within the organization without any further costs or other losses resulting from security incidents.

The phrase "security check" is used interchangeably with the phrase "computer security audit," even though these concepts are different. Security Check (pen-test) - is narrowly aimed check for gaps in critical resource, such as a firewall or Web server.

On the other hand, a computer security audit - a systematic assessment of how to construct a security policy of the organization. Computer security auditors work with the full possession of information about the organization, its internal structure in order to explore the resources that should be composed by the audit.

Security auditing is part of the definition and management of effective security policies, and it's not just talk and conference. Audit of security concerns everyone who uses the resources within the organization. It provides all the capabilities to check the security of your company.

The main thing for the owner of the website - it's understanding the importance of security of your site.

Conduct audit security possible for a single site, and for all your sites, or selected parts of them - the most critical resources (preferably monitor the safety of all your Web sites). The service is needed and is available for site owners at any level, small sites, medium-sized projects or large portals. Everyone needs to monitor the safety of their own sites.

Price per security audit to be negotiated. The minimum cost of a security audit - $ 100.

Works to eliminate vulnerabilities are not part of the audit, however, on request, these works can also be carried out by our specialists and then retest the entire system. Internal audit is performed manually and had resulted in the customer receives a complete set of the following documents: a detailed report describing all identified deficiencies in the company and our recommendations to address them; report on the classification and categorization of information to be protected; report on risk analysis, models threats and potential violator; assessment of the likelihood of threats at all levels; the program (portfolio), information security; developed on the basis of risk analysis procedures for information security management.

We guarantee the confidentiality of information obtained as a result of the audit.

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