Website development

Site hosting

Hosting - this is placement site on the Internet.

Our company provides professional services to deploy a web site (hosting), domain name registration, installation and rental of dedicated servers and applications.

The high quality of service, automatic monitoring system working, an individual approach to each user, the reliability of web hosting and information security.

For our part we can offer a hosting service, which will be perfectly visible from any point world. Your site will be easily accessible at any time for any visitor.

Hosted as a service is compared, and describe the quantitative restrictions:

  • disk space
  • amount of monthly traffic
  • number of sites that can be placed in one account
  • number of FTP users
  • number of E-Mail accounts and the amount of space reserved for the mail
  • number of databases and the amount of space for database
  • number of simultaneous processes per user
  • amount of RAM, and the maximum execution time allowed to each user process

qualitative restrictions:

free resources CPU, RAM, which affect the performance of the server bandwidth, which affects the loading of information. distance from the host hardware target audience, which affects the loading of information.

Under the provision of hosting is often divided into paid and free. Typically, a company providing free web hosting, earn by displaying ads on pages that are hosted on it. Free hosting is usually slower, provide basic services and sometimes unreliable (ie, may be closed). Commercial organizations almost always use the services of a paid hosting.