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Website localization / Site Translation

We can translate your website into Russian language, adapting it to the culture, local customs, age, sex, occupational group in order to improve the perception of content-specific category of persons.

We provide a range of translation and localization of corporate sites, as well as the design and redesign of sites of regional offices in CIS countries. Our team of professionals with high quality and in a short time, to translate and localize your website in accordance with specified requirements and wishes, will develop an original design, carry out further support to the site: update, maintenance ...

Translation of the site allows you to work freely in the market of other countries, to expand its customer base, increase sales abroad. In addition, the localization of the project - it's possible to have differences from competitors.

Localization - a complex gradual process.

A very important step in the localization of sites is the translation of terms. Our studio offers the following services:

  • Software Localization
  • Localization of user documentation
  • Localization of the Web-sites
  • Multimedia localization
  • Localization of a training software

Speaking of pricing, our prices are average on the market such services, and developed as a result of price competition.

If you want to learn more about our prices, or you are interested in any other useful information, please contact us.

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