Website development

Prices / Low cost solutions

The price for the creation of a site is unique in most cases. It all depends on what you wish to place on your site.

Conventionally broken into types of sites, — will give you an idea of our pricing policy.

Some customers have expressed a desire to see the site design simple, but with lots of functionality. Others want a unique, exclusive design with an interesting idea. Therefore, each site has its own pricing policy.

More exact amount of development cost, we can tell you after discussing your wishes.

Price on site development depends on:

  • complexity of site design
  • functional content, the site
  • problems in working with others hosting
  • number of language areas on the site
  • convenience when working with the management system
  • time allocated for the development of the site

Price on site search promotion depends on:

  • competition in your search query
  • variations of search queries
  • initial rankings
  • нavailability and quality of search engine optimization for website
  • quality hosting services

Price for revision the site are always contractual and depends on the budget that you have.

If you have any further questions – contact. Always happy to answer your questions!