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Want sell your site? Сайт вам больше не нужен?

WEB.XFOR.TOP are quick and convenient for you will acquire unnecessary sites.

The reasons for the sale may be different:

  • you created a new site, and the old not need
  • site was simply not needed
  • no time to project

We offer you not just "throw" your site, but earn income by selling it. We do not promise the "golden mountain", but offer real money.

In order to site us were interested, he must have some of (nonzero, at least) indicators TIC, PR and / or an interesting unique content and / or non-zero attendance.

We always try to qualitatively to assess site or domain and we offering the best price.

On what is paid special attention when buying website:

  • quality of the site and content
  • presence of the site in YC and DMOZ
  • website traffic
  • subject site
  • site price

Look forward to your suggestions. For good sites we will find good budget ;)

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