Website development

Site Support

Finally happened - the site has created! Everyday, employees of the company on several occasions come to the site to make sure that it exists, and everything just fine. The first month all together strive to maintain a web resource in the proper form: system administrator controls the update of company news; director proudly shows online resource to colleagues and partners.

But after a while, period of collective passion for the site is passes. Profit from the web resource falls; customers, leaving. Why is this happening?

The answer is simple. Of course, getting ready site, so nice to deal with his control and moderating. But we must remember that this work takes time, and at least minimal knowledge in various fields: from the basics of programming to copywriting. Otherwise, you can not only not improve the site, but rather even damage it.

Based on our experience, we argue: the main condition for the effectiveness of the site - its professional support.

Support Site consists of the following services:

  • regular optimization, thanks to which the site maintains its leading position in search engines;
  • ensure the stable operation of the site;
  • adjustment, modification and correction of possible malfunctions site software;
  • technical management of site;
  • assistance in publishing material on the site;
  • training staff to work with the site.

Information support of the site includes activities such as:

  • editing of existing texts;
  • preparation and writing promotional articles, informational materials and publications for the site;
  • maintenance news section of the site;
  • writing descriptions up the products and services on website;
  • translation into a foreign language;
  • literary translation adaptation.

After creating the site for some time, our company carries out its monitoring and then, in view of the data, offers several options to support and develop your Internet resource:

  • echnical and informational support sites;
  • one-time event with pay services;
  • supply software modules, that will allow you to partially implement an independent site management.
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